Are you curious about living in Rogers Arkansas, but unsure if you should make the switch?

Northwest Arkansas, where Rogers is located, is one of the metropolitan areas in the United States seeing the fastest population growth. The first Walmart store opened in the nearby town of Rogers, while the current corporate offices may be found in Bentonville. Rogers, the county seat of Benton County, is situated in the Ozark Mountains. Both the Airgun Museum and the headquarters of Daisy Outdoor Products, a company famous for its air guns, may be found in Rogers. 

According to the 2010 census, the city’s population was 55,964. With an estimated 66,430 residents in 2017, it would rank as the sixth most populous municipality in the state. Rogers, in Benton County, is often regarded as one of the state’s best places to live.

The vast majority of Rogers’ residents own their own homes, a fact that contributes to the community’s distinctly suburban vibe. There are many parks in Rogers. A large number of young professionals and families call Rogers home, and the city’s populace leans conservatively. Students in Rogers routinely give high ratings to the city’s public schools. 

The Average Cost of Living in Rogers

By this measure, Rogers is the 21st most expensive city in the United States, the 21st most expensive in the nation overall, and the 22nd most expensive in Arkansas. With an annual cost of living of $1416, living in Rogers means that it is more costly than 31% of all other cities in the globe.

The median salary, once taxes are deducted, is $3803, which is enough to cover basic living costs for about 2.7 months. It ranks 4490th (in the top 48 percent) on a list of the best places to live in the world, 1638th in the United States, and eighth in Arkansas as the most livable city. With an estimated population of 69.9 thousand, Rogers takes the 573rd spot as the most populous city in the USA.

Healthcare Availability and Affordability

Living in Rogers,including out costs of medical care and insurance premiums — assuming at least a fundamental level of health insurance coverage — are slightly lower than what they are on average across the country, but they are on par with what they are in the state of Arkansas as a whole. This is the case because Rogers has a slightly lower per capita income than the national average.

When compared to the national average of $4,266 per year for health care expenses, the state of Arkansas as a whole spends an average of $3,769 per year on health care. The annual cost of medical care for a solitary adult who resides in this region is estimated to be $3,758 on average.

The Rogers, Arkansas Housing Market

The cost of housing has a significant impact on household budgets. Rogers has a median home value of $168,600, which is lower than the national median home value of $204,900. Homes constructed in or before 1939 have a median value of $139,300, while those constructed in 2014 or later have a typical value of $281,700.

The cost of housing is one of the most critical factors of overall cost of living in Rogers Arkansas. While the median home price in Rogers is $168,600, this is significantly lower than the national median of $204,900. Compared to the median value of $139,300 for a home built in 1939 or earlier, the median value of a home built in 2014 or later is $281,700. In many cases, renting is less expensive than buying a home. 

Rogers has a larger number of renters than the national average of 36.2%; renters account for roughly 42.80% of the city’s occupied housing units. While the national median for rent is $1,023, the average rent in Rogers is $867 per month. One of the most crucial considerations in establishing whether or not home is within reach is the level of income in the neighborhood.

The national median home price is $307,800, which is 3.4 times the national median household income of $60,293. However, the affordability ratio for purchasing a home in the United States ranges from just over 1.0 in the least costly areas to well over 10.0 in the most expensive regions.

This is despite the fact that the price of a typical home in the United States is currently at an all-time high. There are three times as many people able to afford a home in Rogers than there are who can afford the median annual household income of $57,079.

Rogers, Arkansas Transportation Expenses

Also, the cost of transportation may constitute a sizable portion of total monthly living expenses. In Rogers, 94.30% of people who commute to work do so by car, whereas the national average for commuters is 85.5%. It is expected that 49.10% of workers in Rogers go to jobs situated outside of the city, which is a greater percentage than the 43.7% share of commuters who live and work in separate regions across the country. 

The typical travel time and work in Rogers is 16.4 minutes, which is significantly shorter than the national average of 26.6 minutes. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that a single person in Rogers spends $10,358, which is higher than the national average of $9,760, on transportation in a given year. This statistic takes into consideration the price of gas, as well as the cost of public transit and car maintenance.

Average Food Prices

The cost of food is another major ongoing expense that affects the cost of living in Rogers Arkansas. Prices of food items may vary widely from one community or city to another, as reported by data from the United States Department of Agriculture.

A single adult in Rogers spends an average of $3,059 on food per year, while a family of four spends an average of $8,834 on food per year. For context, a family of four in Arkansas or the United States spends an average of $8,630 and $9,354, respectively, on food. These estimates are derived from consuming a nutritionally sufficient diet that one would be able to obtain by shopping at grocery stores and cooking for oneself.

Cost of Living in Rogers Arkansas, The Conclusion 

As is the case with every other state, the answer is dependent on your particular priorities.

If you want to keep your living expenses down, you should look for a place that has low property taxes and pleasant weather. In addition to that, you take pleasure in engaging in activities that take place outside. And would want all of it to be located in an environment characterized by quaint towns and smaller cities. Then it may be said that Arkansas is a pleasant place to reside in. So if you have decided on moving to Rogers or living there you should contact the moving company in Rogers Ar , simply because the only goal of this website is to provide general information and pleasure. 

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