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Certified Senior Moving Specialists

The golden years of your life should be spent doing the things that you love. Time with family, relaxing, taking it easy, not lifting heavy boxes, and worrying about something being lost in a move.

Moving is stressful but we can help to manage that for you. When you hire us, we take on the heavy lifting, the hundreds of small decisions, and the loading and unloading. All that is left for you to do is to sit back and relax.

We are a local company that cares about the needs of our customers. Call one of our friendly move specialists today to talk about the services that we can offer.

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Be Heard

We require pre consultations before every move to make sure we fully understand your needs, concerns, and wants.

Feel Significant

Don’t be another number. Our owner does the walk through on every single move to get to know you and your needs.


You are not just another move, we treat you like family. Every client gets the owner’s direct number to text or call when questions or concerns arise.

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Our Senior Services

Senior Residential Moving

Moving furniture, clothes, personal items, and other belongings creates an unnecessary amount of stress and risk on the body. Even if you are careful, lifting something that is too heavy can cause damage, and that could put you out of commission for weeks. That is where we come in. As certified senior move specialists, we want to help with your move, not only because we know how easy and efficient we can make it, but also because we want to make your life better and safer.

We know that moving is one of the most stressful things in life that anyone can go through, but as a senior, it can be even more agonizing. When you trust us, so much stress is taken away. We can deal with the packing and unpacking, we can move furniture into your new home, we can make the moving decisions (and there are a lot), and we remove the chaos and risk of injury.

We treat all of our customers as members of the family, and you will feel welcome and valued when you hire us. Our satisfaction comes when you are settled in your new home and enjoying life.

senior moving services in rogers ar by youngs moving service

Labor Only Moving

You want to move, but you want to keep control of the packing and logistics (this is your move, after all). If this is the case, then talk to us about our labor-only service. We can move around as much or as little as you want.

In essence, this service is exactly how it sounds. We provide the labor, and you get to manage the rest. You can pack up your stuff, or have us do it. You can use your truck and trailer and we’ll load it. If you want to move everything to your new home, we can show up when you do and help you unload. Then, you and your family can do the rest. Even if everything has been moved in and unpacked, and you need a couch or table moved to another room, you can call us and we’ll come take care of it.

Whatever you need help with we can supply the labor and let you take control of everything else. We also provide labor only for business’ office moves. Think of it as a couple of helping hands ready to do whatever is needed.

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Discard and Donate Services

If you are downsizing (or if you just want to relieve yourself of unneeded items), we can help you to manage that. There is nothing worse than having too much stuff, feeling that your life is cluttered, and not having the room to buy the items that you really want. We have many ways to get rid of anything that you want to let go of.

We have partnered with other local companies to streamline the process. If you have piles of junk, we can dispose of it, making sure that as much of it as possible is recycled or reused. If you have items that you want to sell, we can help to organize an estate sale. If you want to donate, we can take care of that too.

And, that is not all. We also work with realtors who can help to sell your home, and cleaners who can help get your home clean before moving out. In fact, there is almost nothing that we cannot help with. Give us a call today to create a move plan.

Discard and donate services in rogers ar by youngs moving company

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With decades of moving experience, we have created the perfect moving process from the moment you pick up the phone to moving the last mattress.

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