How To Organize Your Packing List

If you’re moving soon, there are a few things to consider before packing all your belongings into boxes. Getting organized and making lists is one of the most critical steps in moving successfully. Check out these simple tips for how to pack like a pro.

Make a list of what you want to pack.

It is essential to list what you want to pack to stay on task while packing. Making a list will give you an idea of what needs to be packed and which items are not essential for the move. It is also helpful if you have helpers who want to know what they are helping with or if you want to pack last.

It makes it easier when the movers come and pick up your belongings to know what is going on in each box and how much weight each box can hold. For this system to work correctly, ensure that everyone involved in packing knows which room or closet the item should go into. This will make unpacking more accessible and help the belongings go to their appropriate places in your new home.

You will also want to make sure not to pack your rooms too full. While you may have many items, it is not advisable to take everything with you when moving. If possible, try and consolidate as much as you can before the moving service arrives.

Organize your list into categories

One of the easiest ways to organize and make a list is to divide your list into different categories. This will help you organize each room, closet, or box as it is packed. You can also use this system to figure out what needs put into boxes first, second, and so on.

This is especially helpful when deciding what to pack first and last. You will want to decide on the items that you would use or wear every day as a priority. Bedrooms are usually okay if everything is not packed within the first few days of moving. But for this system to work and get organized, it is important to pack up your essentials first.

The chances are that things you use most often will be in different rooms. You may want to start with a room with just a few items and finish off in the bathroom, so all of the everyday essentials are packed before any of your clothing.

Make sure to not leave any essential items behind when packing. It is important to make lists to keep everything organized during moves and prevent you from having a lot of boxes unpacked for a few days before realizing that an essential item needs to be packed up.

Use packing cubes or other organizers to keep everything together and organized in one place.

Packing cubes are great for organizing the wardrobe of any household and are an excellent way to pack up more than just clothing. These packing cubes are great for keeping things organized in the moving truck by having all the essentials you need to be packed within one cube. This will keep everything together, organized, and easy to find when unpacking.

Another idea is to use paper or plastic bags for packing other items. Bags are great for storing shoes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, or anything else that you may want to take with you when moving.

Using these tips and tricks will help keep everything together and organized during a move. If you pack up your essentials first, you will have a much easier time packing and unpacking when moving.

After all, is said and done, remember that you should not pack too many items. Pack the necessities for every room beforehand, so your moving company does not need to take up more space than necessary when unloading everything from the truck.

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Place breakable items, such as dishes and glasses, on the bottom of the box.

This will prevent the dishes from getting broken if they were packed on top of other items. If you have to pack dishware in a box with other fragile items, wrap them individually and place them in the bottom of the box.

Pack more oversized items first and work your way up to smaller ones. This will make it easier to pack the boxes, as you can stack each box on top of one another.

It is also a good idea to identify each box with a permanent marker. You never know if a moving company might mix things up when packing everything up, and labeling the boxes will help keep things organized. You can also label the boxes with a description of what is inside and where it should be taken when you move in.

When placing items into boxes, make sure you do not leave any room for gaps or air bubbles. This will cause additional strain on your back and arms that might be something to avoid on moving days. It is also good to be careful of liquids when packing up a box.

Place all of the liquids on the bottom of the box, as liquids tend to leak or spill inside boxes during a move. Once again, putting your fragile items in between more oversized items will help prevent any accidental spills from ruining other essential items.

Once you have packed up all of your items, use duct tape to seal the edges and prevent any air bubbles from getting in. You can also pack towels or paper around the edges of your box to help cushion everything so it does not get broken during a move.

Keep toiletries in a separate bag, so they are not mixed up with other things.

Many toiletries come with their bottles of shampoo or conditioner, which are easy to pack up in a small bag.

It is also a good idea to pack any medication you will need for the next few days before the move. This way, everything can be packed in one place, so it does not matter if certain items get packed up in the wrong box.

When you are packing everything up, try to avoid using too many plastic bags. If you use too many of these, there is a good chance that they will rip open during a move. While it might be tempting to use plastic bags as storage for specific items, remember that loose clothes can get tangled up in the bags, or linens can get stained from the cleaning supplies.

When select furniture for your new home, pick pieces that have clean lines and simple designs. These are easier to match with other pieces of furniture that you will likely be bringing over from your old house. This makes it easier for you to put the furniture together without making too many design changes.

It would help if you also tried to avoid picking out pieces with too many drawers or cabinets. These items can be problematic when moving, as it is hard for a moving company to keep everything organized and packed up in the truck. Instead of choosing furniture with too many drawers, try to look for large pieces and can easily fit a bed or mattress inside.

Fill empty spaces with socks or clothes to prevent shifting during transit.

Roll clothes up and place them in corners, as any additional space filled will help prevent furniture from moving around too much during transit. This is especially important if you need to buy new furniture or appliances for your new home. Once again, it helps to choose simple furniture with a minimalist design so it can easily match your existing furniture.

Beyond just the furniture, the boxes should also be filled up with other materials. This includes books and magazines that are not needed anymore, as well as any material you will need to wrap up your doors or windows in your new house.


It is also a good idea to choose smaller pieces of furniture if you have children who might use your furniture, such as a child’s mini table or small sofa. While these pieces might not hold up certain items that you need to store in them, they can still provide your children with an extra place to sit down and relax while you are waiting for moving day.

Write down what is inside each box on the outside for easier unpacking.

When packing everything up, try to think about the order that you will need things for unpacking. Since moving companies pack all boxes into the exact location, it is essential to label them with their contents to be easily identified when unpacked. You might want to number each box and keep lists of what is in each for easier identification during unpacking.

In addition to labeling, you might want to purchase packing tape in various colors so you can use different colors for each room of the home. This will make it easy to identify what is inside each box without opening up too many boxes at once and seeing everything all at once.

It will help you keep the boxes in order when unpacking since you can quickly go back and retrieve items from their original box.

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